The King Cup is an adult men’s 11v11 tournament, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Teams can expect great competition! There are thousands of players participating in our Las Vegas soccer tournament from all over the world! The tournament has been run by Alex Trettin and his awesome crew since 2003. With the amazing staff and group of referees, the King Cup continues to thrive year after year. Soccer matches begin at 8 AM on January 13th and end on Monday the 15th, by 1 PM. Please plan to be here for the entire tournament. Join us to compete across 11 sports complexes for the coveted title of Soccer Champion and bragging rights for the rest of the year. If you have tournament questions, please call Alex Trettin at 1-800-935-0123 or 253-383-8000.

*All schedules are tentative, and will not be finalized until January 12th.